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TORONTO, Canada – Today, as COP 2014 is fully underway in Lima, Peru, the Global Renewable Fuels Alliance (GRFA) reiterated that biofuels, like ethanol, are presently one of the most commercially viable, greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reducing transport fuel alternatives to crude oil in the medium term.

According to the GRFA, it is estimated that 25% to 30% of all global GHG emissions come from the transportation sec…

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TORONTO, Canada – Today, the International Energy Agency (IEA) released their annual World Energy Outlook revealing that fossil fuel consumption subsidies reached $550 billion in 2013. According to the IEA these subsides are failing to help those around the world who lack access to energy and are discouraging investment in energy efficiencies and renewables.

The Global Renewable Fuels Alliance (GRFA) reacted today,…

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TORONTO, Canada – Today, as the first African Sustainable Transport Forum gets under way in Nairobi, Kenya, the Global Renewable Fuels Alliance (GRFA) called on forum attendees to adopt biofuels friendly policies and regulations that would kick-start the increased use of sustainable biofuels in Africa’s transport sector.

“This Forum is an opportunity that should be grasped by Africa to take a vital step towards more…

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