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(TORONTO) Today the Global Renewable Fuels Alliance (GRFA), in cooperation with F.O. Licht, released its Annual Global Ethanol Production Forecast showing continued resilience in the sector. The GRFA forecasts the global ethanol sector will remain strong in 2017, with total production peaking at 97.80 billion litres this year. This latest global forecast continues the trend of incremental annual ethanol production gr…

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(TORONTO) Today, Bliss Baker, the President of the Global Renewable Fuels Alliance (GRFA), called on negotiators participating in high-level events now underway at COP22 to seize the opportunities presented by biofuels to support the global transition to a low-carbon transport sector. Baker noted that biofuels like ethanol have been proven to reduce GHG emissions from 40 percent to 90 percent in comparison to fossil…

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WHAT: “Bioethanol: A renewable, low carbon energy source ready to use!”

WHO: Hosted by UNICA – the Brazilian Sugarcane Industry Association

WHEN: Monday, November 14th at 13H40 (WET)

WHERE: Brazilian Pavilion in COP 22 – Marrakech, Morocco

The event will help to inform negotiations at the conference by providing policymakers with background on the potential of bioethanol to support the transition to a low-carbon glob…

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